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07 Feb

Forest Fire Insurance Costs Soar

MUNICH (REUTERS) – Forest fires are becoming increasingly likely because of climate change and costing insurers more than ever, with the deadly fire that ravaged northern California the single most expensive natural disaster in 2018, Munich Re said on Tuesday. The California wildfire that devastated the small town of Paradise in November caused losses of $16.5 billion,..

04 Oct

NASA images show forest fires polluting the atmosphere

Shocking NASA images shows how forest fires, exhaust fumes and sandstorms are polluting the atmosphere Jonas Lotz, Business Insider Deutschland Sep. 18, 2018, 7:31 AM On the satellite image, the colours represent the three main types of aerosols. NASA / Joshua Stevens / Adam Voiland Every time you breathe in, you’re inhaling what NASA refers to..

07 Sep

Drone used on wildfire in Yellowstone’s northwestern corner

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) — A drone assisted crews with a wildfire in the northwestern corner of Yellowstone National Park.   An unmanned aircraft system was used Monday on the fire, which has burned more than 3 square miles (8 square kilometers) in the park and on the Lee Metcalf Wilderness south of Big Sky, the..